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Hi, my name is Amuro Wesley. 

I come from Southeast Asian country island of Singapore and am going to show you  -

How I make a full-time living from promoting other people's products and my own since 2010. 

And in this video, you are going to learn how people all over the world are starting and succeeding as what I called the new online education and business model. 

By promoting both physical consumer goods that people like you and me buy everyday on-and-offline.

As well as information and digital products be it e-books, video courses, software tools and website templates. 

And I like to give you an opportunity to get access to a special training program that will teach you how to reach out, connect with and recommend those products or services to people who need or want them. 

I started my current internet marketing business with affiliate marketing. 

Which is about promoting other people’s products and services way back in 2008? 

It was in my friend's insurance brokeage firm whom I was working for as a part-time administrator. 

The office was about the size of my current one with 8 people coming in and out. 

They are mostly agents having to do business with their prospects outdoors. 

Even though my namecard says I am a financial services consultant. 

Now the first programs I am joining are email processing and data-entry which did not make me any money despite following instructions to the letter. 

It was in the third program that I joined that I made my first $100, $1700 and progress my way up despite various challenges I faced along the way. 

It was about placing ads in both classified websites like Craiglist and Gumtress as well as Google Adwords. 

Then I learn this term called affiliate marketing and the importance of haing a squeeze page and building your email list from there. 

I have initially did this part-time from 2008 to 2009. And then from 2010, I did this full-time. 

Now I have a question for you. 

What Is The Main Obstacle That Prevents People From Succeeding Financially And In Their Online Business?

It has taken me a long time to figure this out. 

But I think the number obstacle is -

Trying to make money from selling themselves and what they think is best for their prospects. 

Instead of finding out what their prospects REALLY need and want before recommending people products based on those. 

This results in high customer complaints and the marketers and the companies they represent going down in reputation. 

Especially in the service side within my country Singapore. 

Now let me ask you another question. 

Do You REALLY Know What Marketing Is?

The way I see it - though other marketers may disagree with me, having carefully observed, studied and learnt from REAL successful entrepreneurs is that -

Marketing Is NOT Just About Selling Products And Services

It is about reaching out to people, connecting with them, understanding their needs and wants -

Before recommending what best solves their problem or fulfils their desire. 

It All Begins With Reaching Out To People And Helping Them


Not just one or a few but many people over time that ultimately forms friendships, relationships and bonds. 

And from my observation, research, study and thinking, this usually happens in places with many people be it classrooms, workplaces and networking events. 

Classroom, Work And Events

If this does not make any sense to you, I want you to think about the time when you are at the lowest point of your life, needing advice and help. 

Despair And Desperation

Who Is The ONE Person Who Helped And Brought You Up To Your Feet?

And Most Importantly, Why Do You Trust That Person?

Can You Do What That Person - Be It Your Family Member Or Friend - Did For You?

Not just for that person but for others as well?

Not just those feeling down but those needing help or wanting something that you can offer as their solution or fulfilment. 

Because if you can or even have done that before watching this video and reading this, this is when things start to happen and could change your life. 

Especially when that person – you have helped – shared with their friends and family and recommend them to you and the sequence goes on. 

With that said, my friend, this is what marketing is all about. 

Connecting With, Understanding And Helping People


But Here Is 1 Major Problem

Not everyone possesses the natural ability or gift to understand or connect with people. 

So when they screwed up with people they knew and decided not to do business, they look for alternate ways of marketing. 

Traditional Marketing
Traditional Retail Payment

Direct / Door-To-Door Sales, Telemarketing, Road / Public Event Shows As Well As Retail Sales And Seminar Previews

Those Were Traditional Marketing Methods Before Internet

Now With Internet, There Are E-Learning And E-Commerce

E-Learning And E-Commerce

Not only are the start-up costs lower than traditional brick and mortar businesses. 

As compared to those traditional methods, you have the potential to earn 2, 3 and more times simply by working from the comfort of your home or anywhere. 

With just your laptop, iPhone and internet connection at your own time and pace. 

Though I must add a strong disclaimer that what you see may not be exactly what you earn as it depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into this business. 

Having Said That, Let Us Recap What We Have Gone Through So Far

1.  Marketing Is NOT About Selling But Reaching Out To, Connecting With And Helping People Get What They NEED Or WANT 

2. Traditional Marketing Methods Before Internet

3. New Marketing Methods After Internet

Which Is EXACTLY What I Have Been Doing Having Learnt From Successful Marketers Ewen Chia And Patric Chan Below

Me With Ewen Chia
Me With Patric Chan

And the fact you are still reading this now tells me 2 important things about you. 

1. You Want To Start Affiliate Marketing But Don’t Know How

2. You Have Been Marketing For Some Time Now But With Little Or No Results To Show For

Here Is How I Promote As Affiliate

Step 1: Find Profitable Affiliate Programs And Products To Promote

Step 2: Sign Up For Those Programs To Get Approved

Step 3: Get Domain And Web Hosting

Step 4: Build High Quality And Profitable WordPress Site

Step 5: Drive Traffic And Build Email List

With That Said, I Like To Make You An Offer Called -


Affiliate Compass Pro

So With That Said, What Can You Expect?

Though the basics and core fundamentals of starting your affiliate marketing business are essentially the same as my other but basic course Affiliate Compass, Affiliate Compass Pro is a much wider, more elaborated and expanded version in which you get more training and resources. 

Secondly when you invested in Affiliate Compass Pro, you get ALL my upsell offers in which you can choose to or not to take up as part of my previous Affiliate Compass marketing funnel that is the same as with all other marketers you bought their courses and tools from.

But in the pro version, all these will be housed under one roof.

Here Is What You Will Get In Members Area

PDF Guides

Affiliate Compass Pro PDF Guides

Besides the main guide which forms the core of this entire course, you are also getting access to my Newbie Quick Start Guide which I documented my process of making my first $100 when getting started even without website nor email list. 

Video Tutorials

Video Training

You are also getting my step-by-step video tutorials which are classified into 3 modules of getting the right mindset, understanding the basics and fundamentals and applying them. 

Along with PDF guides, this will be housed in all-in-one membership site



Members will also be getting 40 Done-For-You (DIY) niche packs in both information and physical products, 10 WordPress themes and traffic resources I am using to get visitors, leads and sales from my sites. 

Both niche packs and WordPress themes are 2x more than what I am offering in my Affiliate Compass basic course. 

As Well As My Other Online Courses

30 Day Content Blueprint

30 Day Content Blueprint

Here I will dive much more in depth here on exactly what you need to do to generate high-quality content over the next 30 days. 

Whether it will be for your ads, articles, blogs, emails, websites, videos or any other forms before submitting to relevant sites for faster approval and results. 

Email Mastery Guide

Email Mastery Guide

Here I will cover everything you need to know about list building and email marketing. 

From setting up your autoresponders, follow-up and broadcast emails all the way to creating your own landing pages from highly creditable web-based platforms. 

Facebook Authority Builder

Facebook Authority Builder

This is the course I created 3 years ago on how to do Facebook live videos and become an authority figure or influencer.

The strategies still worked today and is more valid than ever in getting your message across to your target audience the same way celebrities are doing in mainstream media.

Youtube Compass

Youtube Compass

This is the course that covers and teaches everything you need to know, present well on and monetize from the world’s biggest and most popular video sharing sites for 15 years running.   

Below Are What Others Said

After Getting Access And Going Through My Course

Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly

This is by far the most robust and comprehensive e-learning course I ever gone through on affiliate marketing

Melbourne, Australia

Guido Stuckstedde

Guido Stucksteddle

For a small one-time fee, I can't believe Amuro can deliver so much value in this course just on affiliate marketing!

Odelle, Germany

Here Is The Recap Of What You Will Be Getting

1. Main Affiliate Compass Pro Membership Of PDF Guides And Video Tutorials,

2. Resources Of 40 Niche Packs, 10 WordPress Themes And All-In-One Traffic Dashboard,

3. As Well As My Other Courses Of 30 Day Content Blueprint, Email Mastery Guide, Facebook Authority Builder And Youtube Compass



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